051230 KBS Gayo Daesang – We are the future – Rising Sun + We Are The Future + other


Rising Sun: Mega

051230 KBS 가요대상 - We are the future.tp_thumbs_[2018.10.28_21.20.05].png

We Are The Future: Mega

051230 KBS2 Gayo Award - Old & New Dance Yoonho&Junsu HD(1920x1088).tp_thumbs_[2018.10.28_21.21.35].png

Old & New Dance Yunho & Junsu: Mega

051230 KBS가요대상 - I Know 난알아요.tp_thumbs_[2018.10.28_21.23.12].png

I Know 난알아요: Mega

051230 KBS가요대상 - 젊은 그대.tp_thumbs_[2018.10.28_21.24.50].png

젊은 그대: Mega

051230 KBS가요대상 - 준수 뮤지컬.tp_thumbs_[2018.10.28_21.26.12].png

Junsu Musical (준수 뮤지컬): Mega


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